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Who Are We? Why Are We Here?
Look Back, Face Forward
UNMASK. Face The Adjustment. INSPIRE
Make A Difference. Be You.

My Mission and VISION. Coming Soon

My name is SKIV - Dr. Jim Skivalidas


I am an inspired, sought after speaker, teacher and global authority on healing, best-selling author, with the focus of increasing the wellness quality to people on a physical, emotional and chemical level while expanding higher levels of health, awareness, and fulfillment in all 7 areas of life.


I do this by studying the traits and great minds of the greats of today and yesterday connecting, meeting, greeting, teaching, writing, sharing with, or adjusting those I intentionally come into contact with, to inspire alignment of mind (ease), body (movement) and sleep (heal time) for towards higher heavenly self and to open up to the permission to shift instagrameously.


This transegrity experience  altering the trajectory of their lives, and assisting them along on their journey to get clear and serve their mission and purpose, transforming them. I am a leader of leaders—inspiring myself, my team, my clients, and spilling over to their clients to grow to the highest versions of themselves. My books and digital online products show others a greater possibility for themselves they never saw before and spread like wildfire.


I believe in the global profound effect of the adjustment. Whether it is through my mind, my core or my hands an delivering an adjustment, consulting with an individual or corporation, speaking one on one/ one on many, or performing/dancing on a stage, or even in my writing, people feel my enthusiasm for my purpose. The magnitude of my certainty, presence, love and gratitude by far exceeds any others’ doubts.


I demonstrate in my own life a yearning for growth and learning, and by constantly bringing chaos to order in my own life, I inspire greater and greater spheres of influence to do the same in theirs. I live my life in such a way that my body is both an example and a vehicle for my message. I use humor and authenticity to connect with people and touch their hearts. I maintain an Overview perspective and inspire inclusion as a first principle to remind everyone I meet that we are, indeed on a floating spec of stardust.

I dance like I don’t care who’s watching and inspire others to do the same in every location around the globe.

I do whatever it takes, travel whatever distance and pay whatever price to refine my skills as a performer, healer, teacher, and writer. As I realize that criticism and challenge are necessary for my growth in the realization of my mission, I embrace the critics and resentment along with the support and praise as part of the divine perfection of equilibrium that propels me to greater levels of accountability and responsibility. I also embrace my hero and villain personas.


I offer my loving services to humanity in a fair and balanced exchange. I am well compensated for my knowledge, skills and talents, and literature, and digital online products, for in return, I am rewarded with vast audiences for my Overview Method seminar series, a waiting list of clients and students for coaching, classes, a podcast, workshops and books, blog and online digital products and tools, and a GLOBAL MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE WHO DANCE LIKE THEY DON’T CARE that gets global media attention with celebrities including Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, and Ellen, because of the power and impact of the message and the manner of how it is delivered.

As a result, this cause attracts material fortune that is infinite, that will continue to expand and be distributed long after the expiration of my physical form.


I have the opportunity to travel to far distances around the globe to share my vision, my skills, and my talents. My influence is global in magnitude, and as it grows, so does the impact of my mission for centuries to come.